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Please call our office to schedule an appointment. Gladys, Nataliya, and Avanelle, are eager to assist you in any way. All messages will be returned as soon as possible. We look forward to providing top-quality medical care to all of our families.
We'd like to offer a special thank you to Russell Fink, Sarah Hudnall, Marili, the Szczerbiak family, the Bonano family, the Mahoney family, and the Alger family for their very thoughtful contributions to the practice. 
As of March 16th, 2020, we are separating sick and well visit time slots in our office. We will only be seeing healthy children and non-infectious office visits from 9-12:00 because it's important that children remain up to date on their routine vaccinations. From 1-4pm, we will be seeing sick children who will be separated from each other by half-hour time slots and also immediately escorted into an exam room upon arrival. All exam rooms will be thoroughly cleaned between visits. We will continue to provide you with safe, thorough and quality care to keep your children safe during this time of coronavirus.